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What Is Atomy?

In short, Atomy is an online shopping mall selling daily necessities.

The quality is comparable to the high-end shopping center but priced at supermarket prices.

The membership is completely free, no hidden costs with no purchase obligations.

You only purchase what you required.

You can follow this guide to sign up for a free membership.

But if you want to know more about Atomy,

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Atomy is formed as an exclusive distribution channel for Kolmar BNH in 2009,  South Korea.

Now they have a presence in 13 more countries.

They offer premium products at a low price that ships right to your doorstep.

Kolmar BNH is a joint-venture company, formed by both Kolmar Korea (a subsidiary of Kolmar USA) and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Most of Atomy’s products are made using a combination of technologies and R&D capabilities (cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and health supplements) of these companies.

Kolmar Korea is also a manufacturer for lots of well-known Korean brands, such as Innisfree, Nature Republic, ETUDE HOUSE.

Kolmar BNH decides to do what it does best at, and that is manufacturing, researching and developing products and let Atomy do the sales and marketing.

I like the core value of the Atomy, which is to offer quality products at an affordable price.

Being a distribution hub for consumer products, they are able to get its products straight from the manufacturer and then distribute them at a wholesale price to consumers.

They can sell at a low price because:

  • Get products directly from manufacturers
    • No middlemen
    • Cut out the markup by middlemen
  • There are no shopfronts
    • There is only an online store
    • Save on rental
  • There are no salesperson
    • Happy consumers help to spread the word
    • Save on salary

They sell plenty of daily needs product and most are cheaper than what you will be paying for if you buy from a supermarket.

  • Oral care (toothpaste, toothbrush etc)
  • Health supplements (vitamin C, probiotics, omega 3 etc)
  • Beauty products (facial wash, toner etc)
  • And many more

I love their products as they use mainly natural ingredients (herbs, fruits extract) which are evident in their haircare and detergent products.

After establishing Atomy USA a year later, Atomy went to open in 12 more countries throughout the years and achieved more than USD 1 billion dollars in sales globally in 2018.

  1. Korea (2009)
  2. USA (2010)
  3. Canada (2011)
  4. Japan (2011)
  5. Taiwan (2014)
  6. Singapore (2015)
  7. Cambodia (2016)
  8. Philippines (2016)
  9. Malaysia (2016)
  10. Mexico (2017)
  11. Thailand (2017)
  12. Australia (2018)
  13. Indonesia (2018)
  14. Russia (2018)

To uphold the absolute quality promise, they only work with manufacturers who make products with good raw materials with the best technology and ensuring quality control.

And by implementing efficient management strategies to reduce cost, they are able to give consumers the absolute price (affordable price).

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