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Raising Happy Kids – The Science

There is science to everything, including raising happy kids.

If you wonder what the science is,

Shows them visually, so that it is easier to digest the information.

Who likes to read texts these days?

Some snippets:

  • Kids with supportive mums are able to handle stress and have better memory by school age
  • Love from dads are important for their well-being and happiness
  • Teach them to be optimistic
  • Show them how to react to problems
  • Praise them for their efforts, not results
  • Every kid is different, the same method of parenting might not work for every child
  • Let the children play more, they develop skills faster and makes them happier

The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World

How to Raise Happy Kids: An inspiring guide containing expertly reasoned, loving advice and practical tools for a different aspect of child-rearing

Raising a Happy Child: A Practical Guide

Raising kids is a tough job, it requires us as parents to be constantly learning and adjusting our parenting methods.

At times, we need to be strict.

At times we need to have fun too.

Let’s do our best to raise happy kids so that they can make this world a happier place!

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