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The List Of FREE Samples For Baby Singapore 2019

I love free diapers and milk powder samples, do you? You will agree with me that baby stuff is expensive in Singapore. So… Every cent saved is every cent saved. LOL

In 2018, I bet that the #1 headache for new mum and dads is: Which brand of diapers and milk powders to choose!

Which brand should we get? Merries diapers? Goon diapers?

Free sample of diapers and free baby milk samples will allow us to try out different brands because not all brands are suitable for your little ones.

Free Baby Samples I Have Received

Free Samples Singapore

Aptamil free sample: 900g stage 3

I received the Aptamil AptaAdvantage Discovery Pack in my mailbox. It includes a voucher to redeem the free 900g tin at NTUC FairPrice and an Apta Advantage membership card. The card allows you to purchase their formula milk at a discounted price at NTUC.

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo Sample

The Cetaphil package was received in my mailbox in a neat little box. It contains one 50ml bottle of bath and wash + one 50ml bottle of baby lotion and an S$2 voucher.

How To Get Free Diaper Samples & Milk Powder Samples

I have compiled a list of brands that give out free diaper samples in Singapore.

Don’t worry, the list also includes free sample baby milk powder and some other freebies.

Just click on the links provided and register at the respective websites, and choose the required free samples as some companies give you a list of options.

Then just wait patiently for the items to arrive which typically takes quite a while.

Newborn diaper gets used up real fast, so try out all the freebies for newborns if available.

Newborn diaper gets used up real fast, so try out all the freebies for newborns if available.

Please click on the links below to register your interest to get samples from the respective brands.

Free Diaper Samples





  • Get 1-2 pieces of samples per size
  •  Options:
    • Baby Tape Diapers (Size NB – XL)
    • Baby Pant Diapers (Size S – XL)
  • Email to or call 6100 3427 to request for the samples you prefer
  • Currently running low on samples and won’t be giving out samples for the time being

Free Milk Powder Samples



Abbott Family






Karihome (Goat Milk)

Pregnancy Freebies/Baby Samples

Parenthood Journey Singapore

Cradle Of Love

Baby Blisscard @ South West CDC

Working Mum’s Milk Kit


NTUC Good Start Bundle

  • FairPrice FairMily Kit: Receive S$100 worth of groceries and baby products from NTUC FairPrice
  • Complimentary entry on every first Thursday of the month to:
    • eXplorerkid at Downtown East and AMK Hub
    • Little Skool-House Early Literacy Centre (ELC) at Downtown East
  • Complimentary lifetime Plus! membership for non-members
  • Complimentary one-year health coverage for the newborn by Income

If you find this list useful, kindly share it with your friends!

Free Samples For Baby Singapore

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