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Atomy – Singapore Member Registration

Filling in the application only takes about 5 minutes to complete and submit.

Membership Conditions

  • ✔️18 years of age or older Singaporean
  • ✔️18 years of age or older Singapore permanent residents
  • ❌Students/Public officer/Soldier

Part 1 – Application

1. Visit (Offical Atomy’s website)

2. Click “Join Us”

 Join Atomy

3. Login using guest ID:

  • ID: 13373667
  • Password: 13373667

4. Click “Login”

 Enter guest login ID & password

5. Choose to register either a Consumer or Agent account.

What is an agent account

An agent account is the most popular Atomy membership type as it allows you to accumulate downline Point Value (PV) if you choose to refer Atomy to others. The Points allows you to earn a commission when a certain criteria is met.

Why would you want to recommend to others?

After using the products for a while, you might find that it is of good quality compared to the ones you purchased previously and also probably cheaper in price.

You will then naturally share the good experiences you have had with that particular Atomy product with others.

What is a consumer account?

A consumer account is an Atomy membership type for members to enjoy Atomy products without the need to submit personal information such as NRIC.

This account type does not allow you to accumulate downline Points when you refer to others (when they buy products, you can’t earn 100% their points).

You are only able to earn points (accumulative) on the products you purchased.

This guide walks you through the agent membership type.

Under “Agent tab”, click “Join Us”

 Consumer or Agent account type

6. Click on “All agree” box

 Agree to Atomy terms

7. Click the “Confirm” button

 Confirmation of agreement

8. Fill in all your personal particulars

 Enter all the personal details

9. Click on the checkbox for “Receive Confirmation of Registration” to receive your member’s ID in your email

10. Click “Confirm”

 Receive confirmation of registration

11. Enter one of the sponsor ID listed below

  • 15793061
  • 15602633

12. Click on “Search”

 Search Atomy sponsor ID

13. Click “Confirm”

 Verify that the sponsor ID is correct

14. Click on “Center Search”

 Choose Lifestyle Center

Select a center that is convenient for you (Address)


You can collect your purchases at the center if you opt for self-collection.

 Lifestyle center selection

15. Click “Confirm”

 Confirmation of center selection

16. Verify all information are correct

17. Click “Done”

 Personal details verification

18. Record down your member ID and password.

 Atomy Member ID and password

Part 2 – Verification of account

a. Go to

b. Enter your own member ID and password

c. Click “LOGIN”

 Atomy account verification

d. Upload the necessary documents to the respective sections

You can either scan or use your handphone to snap photos of your application form and NRIC and upload them to the respective sections.

If you have not filled in any application yet, print out this application form.

f. Click “OK” at the bottom of the form

 Uploading of documents


 Submission of documents

g. Submission successful

Verification of documents might take 2-3 days

It is usually verified by the end of the day.

 Confirmation of submission